The Konstanz Reasoning Conference aims at bringing together philosophers from around the world working in different areas related to the nature and the epistemology of reasoning broadly understood: theoretical reasoning, practical reasoning and the normativity of rationality, the psychology and phenomenology of reasoning, the formal structure of rationality and reasoning and the epistemology of reasoning and inference.

The conference will feature ten sessions comprising the presentation of a paper by one of the speakers, comments by one of the commentators and ample time for discussion with all of the participants distributed over three days. The fourth day of the conference is designated for recreational activities and informal discussions.

Konstanz is a small, charming, old town with a relatively new university situated at Lake Constance (which is really called the Bodensee) in the southern part of Germany, right at the border with Switzerland. The beautiful area offers the opportunity to swim in the lake, to sail, to hike or to visit historical towns nearby. The old city center of Konstanz has plenty of inviting cafes and beer gardens to enjoy the summer weather.

The Konstanz Reasoning Conference is the last major philosophical event organized by the DFG-funded Emmy Noether Research Group “Understanding and the A Priori” lead by Brendan Balcerak Jackson and Magdalena Balcerak Jackson. Our group - which was previously hosted by the University of Cologne and has recently moved to Konstanz - has organized many smaller and bigger workshops over the period of the last five years. You can find our more about the group here: We are hoping to make this conference another highlight to celebrate the end of our project!